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Will Calkins (a.k.a. DJ Jhyka) is a Michigan based DJ/Producer of dark Techno, Bass, and experimental music. Since the 1990's he has been recording soundscapes, chopping beats, scoring films, and playing gigs in punk bands. In 2002 he bought his first set of turntables and began playing live shortly after. Jhyka's spinning style of hard DnB and Techno landed him a long list of gigs at clubs, raves, and parties- including the 2012 Electric Forest festival. In 2011 he started mixing and making Dubstep. Jhyka makes drum loops for LoopArtists.com, has signed tracks with Terrorform Records, Superdrive Records, and Infektes Records. Compilation appearences include "Dark Purple" on Hypnohouse Trax, "Tech Arzt-Symptom Funf" on Krankinhause Muzik, and "Worldwide Techno Seduction" on U.M.A Music Awards. Jhyka also records his own dark genre-defying creations as sets under the alias "Kitl Pun".

Sound Like:
•Captain Panic •Torqux •Diesel •Robokop •d-Queue •The Others •Wonkap

Loop Packs

Dark Dubstep Drums Dubstep Drum Samples by Jhyka - LoopArtists.com Dark Dubstep Drums
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Dark Dubstep Drums Preview 7Jhyka
Dark Dubstep Drums Preview 6Jhyka
Dark Dubstep Drums Preview 5Jhyka
Dark Dubstep Drums Preview 4Jhyka
Dark Dubstep Drums Preview 3Jhyka
Dark Dubstep Drums Preview 2Jhyka
Dark Dubstep Drums Preview 1Jhyka

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