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Triangle 2 Free VST instrument

Share your good and bad experiences with music software ranging from DAWs and samplers to VST instruments and FX plugins.

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Triangle 2 Free VST instrument

Postby jono » Sun Feb 19, 2012 8:31 pm


Triangle 2 is a free VST instrument from Cakewalk. This synth may not have tons of features but it still manages to sound pretty good. The presets aren't much to rave about but a little tweaking can yield some interesting sounds. Triangle 2 includes delay and reverb effects as well as some sound mangling distortion effects called Sync, DC Burst, Hard Drive and Decimator. I started with a somewhat gritty sound with some nice portamento as heard in the loop Sliding Grr Bass01 - 80 bpm but once I added some PWM and the Hard Drive effect a big difference was made as heard in Sliding Grr Bass02 - 80 bpm Another good example of a gritty and dirty sound I made with this synth can be heard in the loop Angry Panda Synth 130 bpm.

The Triangle 2 synth also has a nice midrange bass that can be achieved as heard in Bossman Synth 120 bpm. The upper range of frequencies is also present but can sometimes take some work to achieve that sparkle in your sound. I made a nice patch and added some delay for a cool effect as heard in Upsy Daisy Synth 100 bpm.

Overall I was rather pleased with the Triangle 2 VST instrument. My biggest complaint about this free synth from Cakewalk is the filters and reverb were rather weak. There were very few sounds that the filter had a noticable effect on and the reverb sounded like a really cheap spring reverb knock off. I can't really complain about this VST instrument though because it's free and does make some nice sounds. Check out my youtube video of the Triangle 2 synth which demonstrates this little gem of a synth.

Video demo of the Triangle 2 Free VST instrument>> Triangle 2 VIDEO
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