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Access Virus TI

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Access Virus TI

Postby jono » Sun Mar 27, 2011 3:21 pm


The Access Virus TI is an amazing and versatile synth with many sonic flavors. It’s no wonder the Virus is one of the most popular synthesizers available today. The Virus immediately caught on when it was first introduced in 1997. It had punchy, aggressive and fat sounds that were about as close to analog a digital synth has achieved so far. Access made frequent updates to the series and now the Virus TI is capable of completely integrating with your computer. This means that the Virus TI can act like a vst in your daw!

The bass in the Virus is exceedingly good and can hold its own against most synthesizers out there. Blurby Bass 100 bpm is an arpeggiated bass with nice fat warmth to it and Echo SC Bassy 130 bpm is a dark bass with a bouncing rhythm enhanced with a delay effect. Grungy Bass SC 130 bpm morphs with a slight growl while also demonstrating the Virus delay fx. The Virus TI also has a very nice range of distortion. Rough Bass 127 bpm has a nice light distortion with a nice bottom end.

The filters are especially nice on the Virus. I made the sidechained bass Evil Shifted Low 120 bpm with a low cutoff setting and then cranked the cutoff and slowly swept the frequency as heard in Evil Shifting Bass 120 bpm. As you can hear there is a dramatic difference in sound. The filters are possibly one of my favorite aspects of the Virus TI and play a large role in defining the characteristic sound of the Virus series.

The Virus TI custom arpeggiator is easy to use and expressive as heard in the beautiful and evolving Delicious Arped 100 bpm. The presence and depth of Chime Grunt 120 bpm and Chorded Arp 120 bpm are also good examples of custom arp patterns. The ability to shorten the length of individual notes in the arp is also quite useful as heard in the percussive and morphing Spacey Beat Synth 120 bpm and also Sweet Spot Arp 125 bpm . Many of the preset arp patterns are also quite nice such as the more simplistic Multi Arp 120 bpm and Hollow Arp 120 bpm.

There are some very interesting effects to be attained from using the arpeggiator along with more eclectic sounds and tweaked settings such as the melodic and dirty Improvd Arp 120 bpm and also Twinkie Arp 120 bpm. Changing settings in the oscillator section also yields some interesting results on arpeggios such as Flubber Synth 120 bpm. As an example of oscillator pitch shifts I started off with the gritty sounding Squirming Synth 120 bpm and then changed some oscillator settings to come up with Scrunchy Synth 120 bpm. There certainly are some strange sounding arpeggiated sounds you can come up with on the Virus TI like Broke Arp 120 bpm.

There are just so many possibilities for also making warm and lush loops like Fluffy 100 bpm or muted and expressive loops like Little Bouncer 130 bpm. I’ve made some very emotional and moving loops like Angel Tears 120 bpm as well big sounds ripe with reverb as heard in Big n Bossy 125 bpm.

Sidechaining my Virus loops to a four on the floor kick is a great way to add rhythmic pumping as heard in Float Synth 125 bpm as well as the slowly morphing Floating Matter SC 120 bpm.

No synth would be complete without the ability to create some wicked effects and the Virus TI comes through in this department as well. It can sound mechanical and open like in Machine Drift 120 bpm thanks to the reverb and delay. FX sounds can range from the organic sounding Digestion 120 bpm to the quirky sounding Bell Twist 120 bpm. My favorite type of FX from the Virus however would definitely have to be the twisted and atmospheric ones like Alien Insects 120 bpm as well as Insane Gulls 120 bpm and Chimes 120 bpm.

Ice Castles 100 bpm is an example of a thinner and melodic loop and Durka Pad 130 bpm shows off the smooth and subtle pads the Virus TI is capable of making. Then there is the lightly distorted and harmonic goodness of loops such as Fuzz Ball 120 bpm and also Distorted Fluff 120 bpm. I’ve made loops like the gritty Wavebuster 125 bpm and the strange and eclectic Frogman 125 bpm that are unlike most contemporary sounds you might hear.

You certainly won’t find many contemporary sounds on the Virus TI but that’s probably not what it’s meant for. That’s not to say that it can’t be used in a wide variety of genres but personally I feel it's best for those unique, lush, distorted, fat and morphing sounds you might hear in a dream.
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Re: Access Virus TI

Postby Omberg » Thu Sep 13, 2012 9:15 am

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Re: Access Virus TI

Postby jono » Wed Nov 14, 2012 9:06 pm

Omberg wrote:I think other site proprietors should take www.loopartists.com as an model, very clean and excellent user friendly style and design, let alone the content. You are an expert in this topic! Best regards!

Much appreciated!

Thank You.
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