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Synth Loops Loop packs

Panic Attic Dubstep Synth Dubstep Samples by Panic Attic Records - LoopArtists.com
  Panic Attic Dubstep Synth   Dubstep • WAV Loops
These Dubstep synth loops will add a needed layer of synthetic melodies and atmospheres that will transform your next Dubstep mix into a sonic superpower. Synth samples that sparkle and wobble with imagination.
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IDT Dubstep Synth Dubstep Samples by IDT - LoopArtists.com
  IDT Dubstep Synth   Dubstep • WAV Loops
This newest dubstep loops pack from IDT has Dubstep Wobble samples, Screeching, Filthy and Piercing dubstep synth samples made for tearing through the mix with devastating results..
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Synth Eclectic EDM Synth Loops by Liquid Loops - LoopArtists.com
  Synth Eclectic   EDM • WAV Loops
The synth eclectic selection of synth samples include fat, dirty and monstrous synths but also the delicate, entrancing and mystical sounds. These will work in genres ranging from IDM, Chill, EDM and Experimental.
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